Sliding Systems

While sliding systems are preferred aesthetically, they are preferred because of their more usefulness recently.Sliding door systems It is divided into manual and automatic. Two doors intertwine and move on a channel. It has a lock system. It locks after closing. Our company provides services in sliding systems including assembly and technical service. You can visit our website to see our products.

Sliding Door Types

Sliding doors are not the only model. There are many types according to their intended use;

  • Pocket model
  • Riding model
  • Rustic model

Each model has a different feature. You can choose the most suitable model for your home’s shape and decor from our company. Pocket model is made in the wall recess in narrower areas. The sliding model has double wings and it is the most preferred model. The rustic model is the most affordable model.

Sliding Systems Building Material

Sliding systems are made of many materials such as wood, metal, aluminum, steel and glass. Its service life depends on the material it is manufactured from. Wooden sliding systems
it is somewhat difficult to use, but economically very convenient. Glass and metal sliding systems are used comfortably. It is necessary to pay attention to its cleanliness. Dirt and dust accumulating in the bolt over time can cause the doors to close more difficult. You can choose the most suitable sliding systems from our company.

Glass Systems

The most preferred model of recent times is the glass model. It is especially preferred in living rooms and interior decoration. You can choose the glass yourself or leave it to the experienced staff working in our company. Glass quality is made of durable glass that does not shatter. It is easy to clean. Thermal insulation is at the highest level. Glass doors are suitable for both home and workplaces.


Sliding systems become more useful if selected automatically. Automatic systems are preferred in places where there is more human input and output. Automatic use provides the most comfortable use during the pandemic process. Our company sliding door mechanism is a leader and leading company in its market. Call our company for all your questions and needs. The price option varies according to the preferred system.